It is not uncommon to come across a scammer’s profile on a legitimate dating site. These profiles often have simple details and are created by people living outside the UK. They may be younger and from countries such as Eastern Europe or Africa. These scammers may also have elaborate answers to common questions like what they do for a living. In some cases, they might even ask for money or help getting home to their parents.

Scammers use fake profiles to trick people into sending them money. They may appear as a perfect match, but the details they provide don’t match. The profiles may have a shady background, which is likely to make you feel nervous and vulnerable. You should also be aware of the person’s English skills, so don’t accept friend requests. It is also important not to divulge any personal information on the internet, including your telephone number.

When communicating with strangers on dating sites, never send money. There is no audit trail for wire transfers, and you can’t recover your money if you get cheated by a scammer. In addition, romance scammers tend to be desperate, which makes them look like easy targets. They will usually send more money, and you may not even realise they’re scamming you. So, keep your money away from online dating sites and always be wary of scammers!